Sunday, December 21, 2014

Last Minute Christmas Gifts (Day 9)

Hey girls,
 Christmas is coming VERY SOON, and some people, like me (haha :D), might not have a gift yet. These are some very last minute gifts that you can give. These gifts might be last minute, but they sure are very good gifts to give, and they are thoughtful too!
 So, here they are:

 This is a great gift because it is very useful, plus the scents smell heavenly! They are the perfect gifts to give. Also, the hand sanitizers are a great gift to give. They fit perfectly into purses and bags, and they smell really good. Bath and Body works is my favorite place to get lotions, soaps, and sanitizers! This will make a great gift for anyone in their teens, and even give this to adults of all ages!

 Giving makeup is a great idea because it is always useful for girls and women. This particular makeup is "Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara." I know a lot of girls who would use this kind of makeup, and since it is from Maybelline, it would be a really good gift. And the best part of this gift: it's not ridiculously priced!

 EOS is a great company, famous for their cute little spheres of lip balm. I haven't come across someone who wouldn't want EOS for Christmas. When in doubt, buy EOS! EOS stands for Evolution Of Smooth, in case you didn't know. And that is right! EOS leaves your lips smooth and refreshed. Their prices are good, and their products are great for teens to young adults (and maybe even older!). EOS is a great gift to give for the holiday season!!!

 I love infinity scarves. I really really love them. They can be used as a winter scarf or a cute accessory to a casual outfit. However you use them, they are still super cute, not to mention cozy. There are many scarves from many places, but I particularly like these two!

 This brush from Wet Seal is really cute, and the patterns are very modern. Brushes are really important to "tame" hair, and buying a brush as a Christmas gift is a good idea (in my opinion, because they are one of the many very useful gifts to give). It will come in handy, not to mention it looks super cute! I know I would love getting this brush! It can fit in a large purse, which is good for primping on the go.

 This pair of earrings is so cute and girly! I would wear these, if I got them! I love the little bows. They are so delicate and pretty. They are not particularly useful, but I still love them. As soon as I saw these, I thought about outfits to go with them, all of which were girly and casual-cute. These inexpensive earrings would make a great gift!

 I love to read, and many people do too. That is why giving the gift of books would be a great idea. The books I chose to talk about are the "Divergent" series by Veronica Roth. These books have been rated very high and the movies are a success. Don't want to read these? If these are too young for you, or you just don't want to read these books, try the 50 Shades or Grey Trilogy. These books are also very popular to the older audience. 
 I hope that you find all of these helpful as you buy last minute gifts! Buying them in store would be better, because shipping might take too long. These gifts are great for friends and family members with a girly side (makeup, earrings, etc). The holidays are so fun, and I believe that giving and receiving are both great! If you have other last minute gifts that you like, comment below. 
 Also, I am still excited about getting my tree two days ago! See my other post for the information about my pretty tree!

 Now for the Christmas countdown:
Only 4 days! It's coming closer... :) Start getting everything ready!

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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