Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Party Outfits: One Jacket, Four Ways (Day 11)

Hey girls,
 Today, tomorrow, or on Christmas (I can't believe it is only 2 days away!!!), you might be going to Christmas parties, and you might run out of things to wear. You can use only one clothing item, and mix and match to create four amazing outfits! The power of mix and matching is great. Your closet, the one you once thought was boring and lifeless, will be completely transformed with what you have in your closet!!!
 Here are the four outfits you can create with just one item:

The jacket is in the center, and the outfits are around the jacket:
1: Dressring, heels
Outfit number 1 is classy and elegant. It features a very sophisticated dress, with a playful touch included with the pinky ring. The shoes tie it off to give the outfit a modern look. 

Outfit number 2 is more casual, with the jeans and 3/4 sleeve shirt. This outfit is tired off with the boots, and a splash of sophisticated is added with the necklace, to give it an all around party look. Tip: Belt the shirt for more casual, or tuck in the shirt for more sophisticated.

3: Braceletcamibagskirtflats
This outfit is very elegant, and the satin cami adds to that. The skirt is very graceful as well, but it does add that "I'm in charge" look. This look (without the purse), could even be worn to work, seeing that is is perfect for both a work and party environment.

This outfit would probably be for a party with close friends and family, seeing that the jumpsuit is made for that kind of aura, but the delicate jewelry does make the outfit a bit more fancy in general. This outfit is very versatile, depending on how (and where) you wear it.

 So this is a way to work one item into four outfits. Comment below on which one is your favorite! I hope these outfits are beneficial to you if you are going to a party soon!

 Now for the Christmas countdown:
Only TWO MORE DAYS until the day!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!! :) :)

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3