Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve! (Day 12)

Hey girls,
 Can you believe it's Christmas Eve? I can't! This is the last post of the 12 posts leading up to Christmas! I am very excited for Christmas, and I just want to reflect on Christmas. And because this is a fashion blog, I will include a Christmas outfit.
 So, Christmas is tomorrow, and there are some things I want to think about, like what Christmas is actually about. Christmas is about many beliefs, and each belief is reflected by some traditions that take place during the holidays, and some are done on Christmas. I just want to make sure no one forgets their beliefs. Honor your beliefs, because they are what shaped Christmas and all of the traditions that you and others have created.
 Also, I want to tell you to never forget what you should do and expect. Christmas is not all about gifts, it's about kindness and generosity. Even though it IS fun getting gifts, it's always fun being nice to the people who surround you, and even the people who aren't surrounding you as you open your presents. Even to people you don't even know, it's always nice to be nice, and who knows: Maybe that act of kindness made their day! And even past Christmas and all holidays, it always is beneficial to be nice to others. And it's not cheesy. It's the truth.
 I might do a Christmas recap of all my gifts after Christmas, but who knows? Maybe I won't. It all depends. I am very excited to see what I got, but if I don't get EVERYTHING I asked for, it's okay. At least I got something for Christmas. Some people don't get a thing, and that would be a reason to be upset. But I do have gifts under the tree, and I'm grateful for that (all of which I am DYING to open!). But as you open your presents, always remember those people who may not have as much as you. Maybe you could grant a Christmas wish and do something this Christmas? It will be very helpful to the less fortunate, and it will be satisfying to you as well. It's not just a deed. It's an act of kindness. And doesn't that sound great? :)

 Now, here is a cute Christmas casual outfit for the spirit of Christmas (almost here!):

The belt can be optional. You can use the belt to cinch the sweater!

 I am very excited for Christmas. I can't wait!!!! Comment below on anything you like about Christmas, or anything Christmas related.

Now, for the (LAST) Christmas countdown. This is by far my favorite number!:
ONLY ONE MORE DAY! Actually, LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!!!!! I am so excited! Those presents are going to have to face me soon! ;) Merry Christmas!

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3


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    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I'm glad you like this post. Your blog is amazing!!! Thanks for the help! :D