Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Burgundy in the Winter

Hey girls,
 It's winter (a new season!) and its time to bundle up. This is the season for cute coats, gloves, and lots and lots of layers! I don't necessarily love the cold, I'm more for summer, but I love the clothes in winter! This is when cool colors come into effect, and even some warm colors too! Then there are boots. Boots are possibly the best footwear on earth. Ankle boots, over the knee boots, slouch boots. I love love boots! Anyway, the look I have made is for a light winter look, sort of the beginning of winter, so not as many layers as mid winter:

 I love how the camel and the burgundy colors contrast with each other! I would love to wear this outfit!!! I made this outfit, and you can go check it out. What would you wear in winter? Also, it was Black Friday AND Cyber Monday a few days ago!!! More time to shop!!! What did you buy?

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3