Saturday, November 22, 2014

Affordable Outfit: H&M

Hey girls,
 I am excited to show you and outfit I have created. I don't own any of these items, but maybe you can! It is an outfit completely made of items from H&M. I love H&M! It is super affordable, and the style is cute. You are probably wondering how I made this outfit, and I made it on Polyvore. Polyvore is a great place to make and share designs you create. The best part is, you don't have to purchase the clothes, you can just click and drag them onto a template! Polyvore was introduced to me by a friend. Thanks so much! My username is "iam4fashion." You can click my username and see all of the designs I have created, and even follow me! I strongly recommend you creating a Polyvore account. It is so much fun to see all of the stylish products you can use to create an outfit!
 So, this is my outfit that I made:

 So, this is my outfit! I really really like the hair clips with the outfit. It gives it a girly feel. I hope you like this outfit.
 Now to the designers! I said I would reveal my favorite fashion designer with my next post, and I am going to reveal it NOW! You already know my top ten favorite designers (up to number 1). I will tell you now which designer is my favorite. I am so excited to tell you guys!
 My favorite designer is...

NANETTE LEPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Image result for nanette lepore
She is my absolute favorite designer. She has a flair for fashion, and her styles continue to amaze me every time, even the ones from a few years ago. She has a sophisticated sense of fashion, and she makes me want to run out and buy her clothes, that's how amazing they are! I really want to have my own line someday, and she is part of my inspiration. These are some of her designed outfits:

These are soooo amazing!

Hope you liked this post, 

kamila <3