Saturday, November 22, 2014

Affordable Outfit: H&M

Hey girls,
 I am excited to show you and outfit I have created. I don't own any of these items, but maybe you can! It is an outfit completely made of items from H&M. I love H&M! It is super affordable, and the style is cute. You are probably wondering how I made this outfit, and I made it on Polyvore. Polyvore is a great place to make and share designs you create. The best part is, you don't have to purchase the clothes, you can just click and drag them onto a template! Polyvore was introduced to me by a friend. Thanks so much! My username is "iam4fashion." You can click my username and see all of the designs I have created, and even follow me! I strongly recommend you creating a Polyvore account. It is so much fun to see all of the stylish products you can use to create an outfit!
 So, this is my outfit that I made:

 So, this is my outfit! I really really like the hair clips with the outfit. It gives it a girly feel. I hope you like this outfit.
 Now to the designers! I said I would reveal my favorite fashion designer with my next post, and I am going to reveal it NOW! You already know my top ten favorite designers (up to number 1). I will tell you now which designer is my favorite. I am so excited to tell you guys!
 My favorite designer is...

NANETTE LEPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Image result for nanette lepore
She is my absolute favorite designer. She has a flair for fashion, and her styles continue to amaze me every time, even the ones from a few years ago. She has a sophisticated sense of fashion, and she makes me want to run out and buy her clothes, that's how amazing they are! I really want to have my own line someday, and she is part of my inspiration. These are some of her designed outfits:

These are soooo amazing!

Hope you liked this post, 

kamila <3

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Fashion Desginers+Some of Their Clothes

Hey girls,
 As you know, I love fashion and fashion designing SO MUCH! I also like clothes. No, I LOVE clothes! But those clothes always have to come from somewhere. And the people who make those clothes are deeply respected by me. I was actually Googling fashion designers that I love (a favorite activity of mine) and I decided to share this feeling with you!
 What I am going to show you guys is a top ten of my favorite fashion designers, a quick description, and some of their awesome and totally beautiful clothes. And to make it fun, I won't show you my favorite. I will post that in my next post! You can comment down below on who you think my favorite designer, and the winner will be mentioned in my post! Fun, right?!?!

 So, let's get started! I hope you might like some of these designers, or at least you may have seen some of their clothes:

10. Erin Fetherston
Image result for erin fetherston
She is an amazing designer, and her clothes are absolutely beautiful! I love her bubbly style and her amazing dresses. Plus, she is also very pretty! I would love to own something from her, and she is worthy of my top ten list! These are some of her clothes:
Super Cute!!!

9. Liam Fahy

His shoes are... DIVINE!!! Simply gorgeous and just beautiful! I also REALLY REALLY like his name. :) He is a very talented designer and the shoes he designs are a true work of art. I would love to meet him and talk to him about shoes one day. A pair of shoes he made (GENIUS!!!!):
Who WOULDN'T want those?!?!
8. Rebecca Minkoff

This is a designer with so much talent, they made the dictionary definition of 'talent' from her! She has amazing purses, and her style is classic and sophisticated. I LOVE IT!!!! Her Mini Mac is probably the best purse ever. I need it, but I can't afford that ever. :( These are some of her designs:
This is true talent!!!!

7. CC Skye
CC Skye is one of my favorite jewelry brands! The style is totally peppy and it is just my style! She makes awesome jewelry and the colors used are fun and summery! I know this is my style! I could probably incorporate any one of her jewelry pieces into any outfit. This is some of her amazing jewelry:
This is totally jewelry I would wear!

6. Rory Beca
I'm pretty sure this is her picture because it was really hard to find online. But her clothes aren't they are everywhere, and I love them, and I love the colors! She is a great designer, and she is also really pretty! I especially love her dresses! I need one of her dresses. They are too stylish to pass up. Just look at them:

Aren't these clothes TO DIE FOR? :)

5. Cynthia Rowley
Cynthia Rowley has style for days. No, months, no years! She is very iconic, and I love her modern touch to her clothes. This designer deserves an A+ for her stylish clothes! I love her clothes, and I wouldn't mind owning the Cynthia Rowley Bonded Short Sleeve Sweatshirt. I wouldn't mind at all!!! You can see why these clothes deserve an A+:
4. Katie Gallagher
Katie Gallagher is a fashion icon. Her style are simple yet sophisticated, and I love them. She has a flair for fashion, and if I had a chance to shop there, I definitely would. Her clothes are really stylish, and she totally relates to the teen world! Her clothes are amazing, as shown below:
Aren't these so amazing?

3. Rachel Zoe
Image result for rachel zoe
Her clothes are three words, and three words only: Divinity. On. Racks. I truly believe that. Her clothes are so amazing, I get jealous. I wish I could design like her. She is a true role model for me. Her clothes are like my style motto: Be individual, and be stylish. Clothes are another you with a different form, and Rachel Zoe represents that wholeheartedly: Her clothes say it all:

These are both stylish and individual!!!

2. Ivy Kirzhner 
I not only love this designer and her out-of-this-world shoes, but I also love her personality. Not that I have met her (I want to though!!!), but she just seems so... unique, and unique people are what we need in this world. I mean, who else would be photographed holding a super cute bunny? Only Ivy Kirzhner! She is one of those real designers who people become enamored with. Also, her shoes are... SO SO SO AMAZING!!!! Especially her Ivy Kirzhner Wild Black Stone shoes!!!!! Just look at these heavenly heels:


Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3