Friday, October 31, 2014

Outfit I Designed!

Hey girls,
 How was your Halloween? Mine was great! I had a sugar buzz multiple times (;D) and had a lot of fun looking at other people's awesome costumes! I really liked my costume. I hope you had fun too. What were you for Halloween? I loved all of the awesome decorations and cute costumes. I love Halloween!
 Anyway, I wanted to show you guys and outfit that I designed and sewed myself (with a little help). This outfit kind of looks like a pantsuit, but I love it. The majority of the outfit was designed by me, and some of it was from other places:


The pants, the belt (not shown very clearly) and the vest were all made by me, but the aviator glasses are from Claire's and the shirt is from Target to add a pop of color to this outfit. The wedges (I love these!) are from Forever 21
So, these are some of the clothes I have made, and hopefully If I don't forget, I will show you some more that I have made. For those of you people who design clothes, keep on designing! Also, happy belated Halloween!!! :)
Hope you liked this post,
kamila <3

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